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Daria Krotova works mainly in the fields of sculpture and installations, using media such as ceramics, paper, textiles, materials that reflect the fragile and perishable nature of all things. Her work collects them in their transitional states and creates a space where the creative gesture can save from the destructive nature of time.

She has participated in over 60 solo and group exhibitions in Paris, London, Geneva, Berlin, Vienna, Bruxelles, Tbilisi, Istanbul, Moscow, Lucca. Her works can be found in galeries, museums and private collections in the USA (Kramlich family, MOMA -New Art Trust), the UK (Charles Saatchi), France, Belgium, Austria, Israel, Switzerland, Russia. She has participated in several art fairs in Europe (Art Paris, Vienna Contemporary, Cosmoscow, Art Vilnius, Art Moscow, Tbilisi Art Fair).

Alongside her career in contemporary art, she also taught ceramics and sculpture, including four years at the renown Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow where she has developed art classes for people with learning disabilities and promoted an inclusive policy at the museum. She has also participated in several projects for children hospitals.

She holds university degrees in Neuropsychology and History of Art from USA, France and Russia. Her research centered on the interaction between text and image in the Russian avant-garde. She has also translated major authors such as Maurice Blanchot, Gilles Deleuze, Francis Ponge, and William Butler Yeats.

Daria is a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC).

She lives and works in France.


Selected Solo Exhibitions


Oubliez la fenêtre ouverte, Mas des Bories, France


Intermediate States, Perelyotny Kabak Gallery, Moscow


Paper Notions, Fabrika Centre for Creative Industries (Trans Europe Halles Network,, Moscow


Harvesting Rain, Gallery Iragui, Moscow


Natures Mortes, Pechersky Gallery, CCA Vinzavod, Moscow


The Gregor Samsa Sister Syndrome, Gallery Iragui, Moscow


Parka’s Cover, Pechersky Gallery, Moscow

Light Matters, Studio Koop, Moscow


Fragment, Studio Koop, Moscow


Stages of Zero, Studio Koop, Moscow

Tropismes, Studio Koop, Moscow

Introspection, Studio Koop, Moscow


Heart, organ of Love, Studio Koop, Lucky Numbers, Sotheby’s Moscow

Witnesses, Iragui Gallery, Moscow


Heritage, Roots Contemporary, Brussels

Bugs and Flowers, together with Georgy Litichevsky, Garage Gallery, Nikolina Gora, Moscow Region


Colours of Israel, Jewish Cultural Center, Moscow


Selected Group Exhibitions



Un escargot sous le chiffon, Gallerie Tonka, Paris

Lucca Biennal of Contemporary Art, Lucca, Italy

L'heure bleue, Gallery 25Kadr, Moscow

Anthology of the Russian Poor, Heritage Gallery, Moscow

Gagarin, Krokin Gallery, Moscow

International Biennale of Paper Art, Lucca, Italy


Souffle d'Est, Excideuil, Dordogne, France

Cosmoscow Contemporary Art Fair, Heritage Gallery, Moscow


In Situ/In Vivo, State Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia

Philosophy of a Common Goal, artistic performance at the Cosmoscow Art Fair, Moscow, Russia

Philosophy of a Common Goal, Red Line Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Not for Trash, A3 Gallery, Moscow, Russia


Tbilisi Art Fair, selected solo artist, Georgia

Family Archive, Theater am Steg, Baden, Austria

TEXTile, Gogol’s House, Moscow

Who Are We? Inclusive project (as an artist & curator), Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow


Interior Sea, Vladivostok Biennale, Russia

Recycled Landscapes, New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

About Nature Morte, inclusive project (as an artist & curator), Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow


Fusion, Galerie Iragui, Moscow

Belleville-Belaevo, Belaevo Gallery, Moscow


Fabrica Vitae, Stradins Museum, Riga

Propaganda, invited artist, Art Vilnius, Lithuania

Pink Box, Gallery Erarta, Saint Petersburg

Victory as a New Epos, Russian Academy of Art and Krokin Gallery, Moscow

Influences, Artplay, Moscow

Thoughts Out Loud, Zverev Center, Moscow


The Zoo, Zoological State Museum and Krokin Gallery, Moscow

Vienna Art Fair, Iragui Gallery

Istanbul Art Fair, Iragui Gallery

Sunny Side of Lenin Street, TMproject Gallery, Geneva

Media Court, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Multiverse Exhibition, Moscow

Parts of a Whole, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Winzavod Contemporary Art Center


Art Paris, Iragui Gallery

ParisSky, Krokin Gallery project, Moscow Planetarium

Silent Hills, Studio KOP, Moscow

Cop’s Nerve, Studio KOP, Moscow


Gaiety is the Most Outstanding Feature of the Soviet Union, Saatchi Gallery, London

Kremlin, Studio KOP, Moscow

Winter Debris, Solyanka Gallery, Moscow

Triple Reflection, Studio KOP, Moscow

Marasmatic Abstractionism, Studio KOP, Moscow

Dust, Art & Science Laboratory, Moscow


Earth/Sky, Krokin Gallery, Moscow

Russian Landscape, Guelman Galery, Moscow

Russian Cosmism, Gallery Art Agency, Moscow

Races, Arthouse Squat, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

Art Moscow Fair, Central House of Artists, Moscow

South Butovo, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

We Build Cities, Art People Gallery, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art


Art Moscow Fair, Krokin Gallery, Moscow

Monochrome, A3 Gallery, Moscow

Homage, A3 Gallery, Moscow


Fast Art 3, Art Moscow FairArt Moscow Fair, Gallery Ravenscourt, Moscow

Tractor Drivers, Karolin Gallery, Moscow

Simple Things, Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Invasion:Evasion, Baibakov Art Projects, Moscow

Fast Art 2, Winzavod Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow


Joyful Morgue, Art Moscow special project, Moscow

Soyuzniki, Residence of the European Union, Moscow

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